Undertone Music, Inc.

Undertone Music is looking for a person with a passion for foley! This is a PART-TIME position as foley artist and foley editor. There will be other duties as well, but primarily foley. For now, we have 2 features that need foley work and the likelihood is that there will be more. Undertone has deep experience in film (we've worked on over 100 films) and commercial work, so this is a chance to really learn a ton and get further into doing audio post for picture at Minneapolis' premier facility for film audio post.

Please note: This is NOT a "sound design" position, nor is it a "Mix" position. Music engineering is an admirable skill, but it rarely translates to foley. The ideal candidate will have a love of and experience with the art of foley.

Send Resumé to: info_at_undertonemusic_dot_com

Thank you!